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Jeeva Samadhi - Our Guruji's Experience

Visiting Jeeva Samadhi is not like visiting temples where you offer your prayer and puja to the deity. Here in Jeeva samadhi it is not a temple. It is a very holy and divine sanctum sanctorum where the saint consciously inverted all his senses, feelings and being in to a submerged state where only the awareness will be so total that it will reflect only the, 'IT' ness remains. This flame of consciousness will guide all the seekers in to their reality in the long course of time. Jeeva Samadhi are the holy places where we can go in to the past and know all the spiritual secrets of the past and the saint's vision of human evolution in consciousnes. Many a time meditating at the Jeeva Samadhi shrine will open many doors in our consciousness. These subtle doors can't be opened even with our life long sadhana of Tapas. I have learned many secrets of naga lokam, deva lokam and floating angels in space just by meditating at the Jeeva Samadhis of great saints. I have contacted many saints in their Jeeva Samadhis they have shared so much of knowledge in the way of non-verbal communication. Where ever I have so far learned does not belong to me. It is the knowledge shared from so many saints in their Jeeva Samadhis.

Jeeva Samadhi - Highlights of Guruji's Experience with Saints

Ekangi Swamigal

The saint has travelled in the path of Bhakthi yogam. His eyes are very intense with the devotion on vaishnavisam. The saint's sandals were kept on the samadhi peetam, when I touched it and closed my eyes, these verses came in to my mind.
"இக பர சுகத்தின் இகர லாபம் இது."

Dadu Swamigal Home

This place is reeking with the perfume of ancient time. Definitely the space inside the temple is not the usual one we witness in temples. If we meditate there we will be transported in to another dimension of space.

Kollapuri Swamigal

When you go and touch the shivalingam and close your eyes suddenly very pitch darkness will descend on you, and you will become like an empty shell, your usual 'I' will get vanished in no time and only the empty space will be there.

Thadikara Swamigal

You can easily enter the samadhi peetam and you can sit very close to the shiva lingam and meditate there. Our Thadikara Swamigal will simply shower so much energy on you in no time, that your feeling of wellness will increase multifold. I have seen the visions of Thadikara swamigal many times, and once he has taken me in to Sri Vaikuntam.

Upanishad Brahmendral Madam

It is situated in Kanchipuram near to Kailasanathar temple. Recently I went there with my close disciples. This place is very calm and serene with divine energy. We meditated there for more than half an hour, and we were literally escaped from the clutches of mind, body and time. We witnessed some divine happening which cannot be put in to words, the day we visited the madam was the auspicious day of Siddhi date of Sri Nanganallur Swamigal date - 26-Apr-2014 - Sunday.

Impact on a meditative person on visiting a Jeeva Samadhi

If a meditative person visits the Jeeva Samadhi of the saints, and starts meditating then if he is really open enough in his being, then he can feel the divine energy emanating from the jeeva Samadhi of the saint. This divine energy slowly engulfs him from outside and then slowly it will enter in to his physical body and this energy will be stored in the chakra in which he practices meditation. When the meditator goes back to his home, he can feel the divine energy stored in his body, but this energy will be dissipated when he moves with other family members and their bodies will suck this energy without his knowing.

Points to be aware before Entering Jeeva Samadhi

A person when he enters in to the Jeeva Samadhi should first see the shiva linga and he should offer his prayers with his attention in ajna chakra. The person should bring a packet of good agarbathi and flowers to Jeeva Samadhi, first should light the packet of agarbathi and hold it in the hands and pray to the saint. Soon fragrance of the agarbathi lingers the sanctum santorum. Then one should put the flowers or the mala on top of the shiva lingam. If pujari is there, then he should ask the pujari to do this. After that, he should find a calm place to sit, where he cannot be a disturbance to anyone. Then he can start his meditation. Before starting meditation, one should close his eyes and get his body and mind get accustomed to this divine place which means he should be ready and open enough to receive the divine energy from the Jeeva Samadhi. Now, he can slowly start his meditation in the chakra. The energy will accumulate in his chakra and he will feel a tightness and heaviness in the chakra.

List of Jeeva Samadhis

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 Name of the saintlocationDescriptionLatest Information
Gurulinga swamigalGurulinga swamigalGurulinga swamigal Temple , 92(old no. 10), Karaneeswarar koil street, saidapet , Chennai Swami attained Jeeva Samadhi at 13.12.1887 On Karthikai Month 4th somavaaram(Monday). The maha kumbabhishekham of Mahan Sri Gurulinga Swamigal was held on 27/Jan/2013
Narayana Theertha SwamigalNarayana Theertha SwamigalNarayana theertha madaalayam , Thirupoonthuruthi (20 km from Tanjore) Jeeva Samadhi along with his 7 disciples.

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Thadikara swamigalThadikara swamigalThadikara Swami Temple , Thadikara swami koil street, Alandur , ChennaiThadikara Swami was born in Sivakasi. He attained enlightenment when He was 25 years old. He attained Jeeva Samadhi at 9:00 AM during Chitra Pournami when He was 75 years old.
Kulandaivel Paradesi SwamigalKulandaivel Paradesi SwamigalKulandaivel Paradesi Swamigal Temple , Abraham nagar, Alandur(near E.B office) , Chennai One of the cheif disciples of Velachery Chidambaram Swamigal. Attained Jeeva samadhi at 22.12.1911
 Sanyasi SubedarKulandaivel Paradesi Swamigal Temple , Abraham nagar, Alandur(near E.B office) , Chennai Jeeva Samadhi(disciple of Kulandaivel Paradesi Swamigal). Wished His Samadhi to be constructed in such a manner the water that is poured over the samadhi of the Guru during abhishekham should also touch His samadhi.
 Muniyappa Paradesi SwamigalBackside Muridi's Coffee house (now Sangeetha hotel), MKN Road, Guindy , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(disciple of Velachery Chidambara Swamigal)
Nirathisai anandarNirathisai anandarNirathisai anandar temple , Gajapathi Lala street, Krishnampet , Chennai Jeeva Samadhi(disciple of Saangu Siddhar). Original name was Munuswamy Mudaliyar.Was a rich merchant. Forfeited His entire material wealth to become a disciple of His Guru. Was re-named by His Guru as Nirathisaianandar.
Navalar Gangadhara Desika SwamigalNavalar Gangadhara Desika SwamigalJaya vinayakar temple , Harrington road 6th avenue, Chetpat , Chennai One of the most famous mystics of His times. Foresaw that He will attain Jeeva samadhi and obtained prior approval from the british government for entering live into Jeeva samadhi. Attained Jeeva samadhi on 29/10/1929
Saangu siddha sivalinga nayanarSaangu siddha sivalinga nayanarSaangu Siddha Sivalinga Nayanar Temple , M.K.N Road, Guindy , Chennai Disciple of Kazhi Siva Kannudaiya Vallalar, a great mystic under of the lineage of ThiruGnana Sambandar. Attained Jeeva Samadhi at Aani Month Paurnami at 1900.

 Kollapuri SwamigalSaangu Siddha Sivalinga Nayanar Temple , M.K.N Road, Guindy , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(disciple of Saangu Siddhar)
 Ezhumalai SwamigalSaangu Siddha Sivalinga Nayanar Temple , M.K.N Road, Guindy , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(disciple of Saangu Siddhar)
 Monambikai, GnanambikaiPongi Madam , Near Modern high school, State bank colony, Nanganallur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi of 2 saints
Chidambara SwamigalChidambara SwamigalChidambara Swamigal Temple , 1, Velachery Road (near dandeeswarar temple), Velachery , Chennai Descended in the Lineage of KumaraDeva. One of the greatest mystics and sung a lot of Hymns in praise of PeriyaNayagi the presiding Deity of Virudhachalam Shiva temple. Attained Jeeva Samadhi during Karthikai Month, 1856
Ambalavana SwamigalAmbalavana SwamigalChidambara Swamigal Temple , 1, Velachery Road, Velachery , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(disciple of Chidambara Swamigal)
 Saraswathi AmmayarChidambara Swamigal Temple , 1, Velachery Road, Velachery , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(disciple of Chidambara Swamigal)
 Kozhipi SwamigalSaibaba Temple , (near guindy bus stop) Guindy , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Murugappa SwamigalSiva temple , 2nd left off Rangarajapuram main road towards power house , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi with mother and wife. Temple now demolishedSamadhi has been demolished completely.
Aganda Paripurna Satchitananda SwamigalAganda Paripurna Satchitananda SwamigalAganda Paripurna Satchitananda Swamigal Temple , Rajakilpakkam(east Tembaram) , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Venugopala SwamigalVenugopala Swamigal Temple , (opp satchitananda temple Rajakilpakkam , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Viboothi BabaViboothi BabaSai Baba Temple , No. 83 M.C. Nagar, Chittlapakkam P.O , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Nagamani AdigalarNagamani AdigalarThavathiru Nagamani Adigalar Temple , Kandan Chavadi , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
ChakkarathammaChakkarathammaChakkarathamma Temple , (near kalakshetra ), Thiruvanmiyur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Pamban SwamigalPamban SwamigalPamban Swamigal Temple , Thiruvanmiyur , Chennai Maha Samadhi
Subramanya DasarSubramanya DasarPamban Swamigal Temple , Thiruvanmiyur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 ValmikiVanmeekanathar , Opposite maruntheeswarar temple, Thiruvanmiyur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Chidambara SwamigalChidambara SwamigalChidambara Swamigal Madam , Thiruporur , Chennai Jeeva Samadhi with his 12 disciples
 Mouna SwamigalMouna Swamigal Madam , Thiruporur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi of 3 saints
 AalavandharAalavandhar Temple , Nemmeli (near kovalam) , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi with his disciple
 Veerama munivarAsalathamman Temple , (opp Nungambakkam police station), Nungambakkam , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Vadapalani SiddharsVadapalani SiddharsVadapalani Siddhar Peetam , Near muruga temple, Vadapalani , ChennaiJeeva samadhi of 3 siddhars
 Adi SeshanandhaShiva Temple , near ValluvarKottam, Nungambakkam , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Nadamuni SwamigalNadamuni Swamigal Madam , near Pachiappa's College , ChennaiMaha Samadhi
 Moti BabaMoti Baba Dargah , (near Commisioner Office), Egmore , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
Easoor SatchitanandarEasoor SatchitanandarEasoor Satchitanandar Temple , (near Vasanthi Theater), Purasalwakkam , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Verkadalai SwamigalVerkadalai SwamigalVerkadalai swami madam , (near market), Thiru Vi Ka Nagar , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Siva prakasa SwamigalSiva prakasa SwamigalSamiyar Thottam , Vyasarpadi , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Gunangudi MastanGunangudi Mastan Dargah , Royapuram , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
 Mahalinga SwamigalShiva Temple , near Royapuram bridge , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Guru Dakshinamurthy SwamigalGuru Dakshinamurthy SwamigalGuru Dakshinamurthy Temple , (Railway colony), Tondiarpet , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
PattinatharPattinatharPattinathar Temple , Thiruvottiyur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Padakacheri Ramalinga SwamigalPadakacheri Ramalinga SwamigalVallalar Temple , Pattinathar koil Street , Thiruvottiyur, Chennai Jeeva Samadhi
Appudu SwamigalAppudu SwamigalVallalar Temple , Pattinathar koil Street , Thiruvottiyur, Chennai Jeeva Samadhi
 Stanley DargahStanley Dargah , Stanley Hospital, Royapuram , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
 Mount Road DargahMount Road Dargah , opp. LIC building , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
 Raj Bhavan DargahRaj Bhavan Dargah , Raj Bhavan, Guindy , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
 Kanniyappa SwamigalKanniyappa Swamigal Temple , Gnanamoorthy nagar, Ambattur , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Sabapathi SwamigalSamiyar Madam , Villivakkam , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Kannappa SwamigalKannappa Swamigal Temple , Kavankarai, (near Red hills) , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Sha-In-Sha BabaSha-In-Sha Baba Dargah , Budur, Red Hills , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
ThiruvalluvarThiruvalluvarThiruvalluvar Temple , Mylapore , Chennai Jeeva Samadhi
 Vasuki AmmayarThiruvalluvar Temple , Mylapore , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Appar swamigalAppar swamigal temple , (opp Sanskrit college) Mylapore , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Muthulinga SwamigalShiva temple , (Opp hotel Swagath near pf office), Royapettah , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi along with his disciples
 Kulandaivel SwamigalKulandaivel Swamigal Madam , J.D.P Guild building, Chitrai Kulam, Mylapore , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(Guru of Velachery Chidambara Swamigal)
 Muthaiyah SwamigalKulandaivel Swamigal Madam , J.D.P Gill building, Chitrai Kulam, Mylapore , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi(Disciple of Kulandaivel Swamigal)
 Samiyaar Madam , Thiruverkadu , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
Paranjoti mahanParanjoti mahanParanjoti magaan temple , Tollgate , ChennaiMaha samadhi
 PoosalarPoosalar Temple , Thiruninravur , ChennaiJeeva samadhi
 Karkotaka MaharishiVaidhyanathar Temple , Poonamalee , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Karaikal AmmayarShiva Temple , Thiruvalangadu , ChennaiJeeva samadhi
 Munji Kesa munivarMunji kesa munivar alayam , Thiruvalangadu , ChennaiJeeva samadhi
 Malayala swamigalkasi viswanathar temple , Guduvancheri , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Udhadi MaharishiShiva Temple , Thakkolam , ChennaiJeeva samadhi
 Kundalini MaharishiVakra Kali amman temple , Thiruvakkarai , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Sivagnana Balayogi SiddharMuruga temple , Mailam , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Kaarunya SiddharSiva siddhar temple , Govindaraja nagar, off mangadu road(near baraniputtur(porur to mangadu , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Lord GovindaasG.P. Road , Near Mahavir and Co , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 Sabapathy SwamigalThiruvannamalai Adheenam , Back Side Vasantha Bhavan Hotel (near Kapaleesarar Temple, Mylapore) , ChennaiJeeva Samadhi
 2 SaintsPachaiamman Temple , Beside Maduvankarari Railway gate, Guindy , ChennaiJeeva Samadhis
 Kulandaivel SwamigalKulandaivel swamigal Temple , Thirukachur (opp singaperumalkoil) , ChennaiMaha Samadhi
 Sri Siddhananda SwamigalSri Siddhananda Swamigal Temple , KaruvadiKuppam , Pondicherry Jeeva samadhi
 Sri Thollakadhu SwamigalManakkula Vinayakar Temple , Manakkula Vinayakar Temple, Pondicherry , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Akka SwamigalAkka Swamigal Temple , Near Ajantha Theatre, Kuthiraikulam, Muthialpettai , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Narayana Paradesi SwamigalAkka Swamigal Temple , Near Ajantha Theatre, Kuthiraikulam, Muthialpettai , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi(Disciple of Akka Swamigal)
 Nagalinga SwamigalAmbalathadiyar Madam , Ambalathadiyar Madathu Veedhi, (near Raja Theatre) , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Kathirvel SwamigalKathirvel Swamigal Temple , Near Balaji Theatre, Sitthankudi , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 SakthiVel Paramananda SwamigalSakthivel Paramananda Swamigal Temple , Karamanikuppam , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Kambili SwamigalKambili Swamigal Temple , Thattanchavadi , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Dakshinamurthy SwamigalDakshinamurthy Swamigal Temple , Thennal , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Subramanya Abinava Satchidananda BharathiSubramanya Abinava Satchidananda Bharathi Temple , Near nellithoppu, (ellapillaichavadi) , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Bade SaibuBade Saibu dargah , Chinna Babu Samudram , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
 Thengai Swamigal, Near Arumathapuram Railway gate , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Ram paradesi SwamigalSri Ram paradesi Swamigal Temple , Near Arumathapuram Railway gate(on the way to Villiyanur) , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Sivaprakasa SwamigalSri Sivaprakasa Swamigal Jeeva samadhi temple , Nallathur (between Pakkam Kootrode and Embalam) , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Gurusamy AmmayarSri Gurusamy Ammayar Jeeva samadhi temple , Sanmarga Nilayam, Kandamangalam, Villupuram taluk , PondicherryJeeva Samadhi
Kattikulam Sri Sootukol Maayaandi SwamigalKattikulam Sri Sootukol Maayaandi SwamigalMaayaandi Swamigal Temple , Near Tirupparankundram police station, Tirupparankundram , MaduraiJeeva samadhi
 Mootai SwamigalMootai Swamigal Madam , Near Maayandi Swamigal temple , MaduraiJeeva samadhi with his disciple
 Thalaivirichan SwamigalThalaivirichan madam , Thalaivirichan lane, Kakkathoppu , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 NakeerarShiva temple , Sangapulavar temple(near Bhavani and Co.), west masi street , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Muthu pillaiSubedar madam , near Thalaivirichan madam , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Vellaiyah SwamiVellaiyah Swami madam , Simmakkal bus stop, Simmakkal , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Brahmananda SwamiBrahmananda Swami madam , Below Avanyapuram bridge , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Kuttiah SwamiKuttiah Swami madam , South veli street , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Vivekananda SwamiVivekananda Swami madam , Below Andalpuram bridge , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 1008 Surendra Brahma Nishta Sivananda Swamigaladjacent to Vivekananda Swami madam , Below Andalpuram bridge , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Sridharendra SwamigalDakshinamurthi madam , Vyasaraya madam lane, Pechiamman Padithurai , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Thiruvaduthurai adheenam second peetathipathi, Central cinema (backside within) , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
Kuzhandai ananda SwamigalKuzhandai ananda SwamigalKuzhandai anandar madam , near V.V complex, Kalavasal , Madurai Jeeva Samadhi
 Tiruparankundram dargahTiruparankundram dargah , Tiruparankundram hill , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
 Machamuni siddharKasi viswanathar temple , Tiruparankundram hill , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Sundar ananda siddharMeenakshi amman Temple , Madurai meenakshi amman temple , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Goripalayam dargahGoripalayam dargah , Goripalayam , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi, Dargah
Natana Gopala Nayagi SwamigalNatana Gopala Nayagi SwamigalNatana Gopala Nayagi brindavanam , Kadha kinaru(on the way to alagar koil from periyar bus stand) , Madurai Jeeva Samadhi
 SattainatharSattainathar madam , Thiruvedagam , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Arulananda siddharKinni madam , Backside of janaka mariamman Temple, Sholavandan , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Gnana DesikarGnaniyar madam , near Kinni madam, Sholavandan , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Othai jadai swamigalOthai jadai swamigal madam , Kodimangalam ,(Near Cholavandan) Madurai Jeeva Samadhi
 Kasinatha GnanachariyarKasinatha Gnanachariyar madam , Thirupoovanam , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 Eli SwamiEli Swami Koil , Peraiyur(near T.Kallupatti) , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi (Guru of Paattaiyah Swami)
 Paattaiyah SwamiPaattaiyah Koil , Saalichandai(near T.Kallupatti) , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
 PaalPazhakariPaattaiyah Koil , Saalichandai(near T.Kallupatti) , MaduraiJeeva Samadhi
Ramana MaharishiRamana MaharishiRamanasramam , Ramanasramam , Tiruvannamalai Maha Samadhi
Seshadri SwamigalSeshadri SwamigalSeshadri Swamigal Asramam , Near Ramanasramam , Tiruvannamalai Maha Samadhi
Isanya Gnana DesikarIsanya Gnana DesikarIsanya madam , On Giri Valam Route , Tiruvannamalai Jeeva Samadhi
 Adi mudi SiddharAdi mudi Siddhar temple , On Giri Valam Route , TiruvannamalaiJeeva Samadhi
 Esakki SiddharEsakki Siddhar temple , On Giri Valam Route , TiruvannamalaiJeeva Samadhi
 Kugai NamasivayarVirupaksha cave , atop Ramanasramam , TiruvannamalaiJeeva Samadhi
Poondi MahanPoondi MahanPoondi mahan madalayam , Kalasapakkam (on the way from Tiruvannamalai to Polur) Jeeva Samadhi
 Vittoba SwamigalVittoba Swamigal madaalayam , Polur , TiruvannamalaiMaha Samadhi
 Vettaveli SwamigalVettaveli Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi temple , Athimur (on the way from Polur to Javvadu Malai)(Near Tiruvannamalai)Jeeva Samadhi
Mounaguru Thangal SwamigalMounaguru Thangal SwamigalThangal Thapovanam , Vellore, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
Thopa SwamigalThopa SwamigalThopa Swamigal Madaalayam , Saidapet, Vellore, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Koni SwamigalSivananda Mouna Swamigal Temple , Thiruvallam , VelloreJeeva Samadhi
Thirupugazh Satchidananda SwamigalThirupugazh Satchidananda SwamigalPongi Temple , Vallimalai , Vellore Jeeva Samadhi
 Sripathi TheertharRaghavendra Brindavanam , On the banks of River Palar, Shenbakkam, VelloreJeeva Samadhi with his disciples.
 Achu DasarAchu Dasar Madam , Kannamangalam , VelloreJeeva Samadhi
 Kuppuswamy DesikarKuppuswamy Desikar Madam , Thiruvirinjipuram , VelloreJeeva Samadhi with his 2 disciples
 Amalananda Swamigal Vimalananda SwamigalAmalananda Swamigal madam , Naagavedu (near Arakkonam), Kanchipuram DistrictJeeva Samadhi (disciples of Arulananda Swamigal)
 Arulananda SwamigalArulananda Swamigal madalayam , Narasingapuram (from Arakkonam via Kavanur), Kanchipuram districtJeeva Samadhi
 Vaiyapuri SwamigalVaiyapuri madalayam , Gudiyatham, Vellore dtJeeva Samadhi
 Saangithya DesikarAnjaneya Temple , Meelur, (Near Gudiyatham), Vellore dt Jeeva Samadhi
 Kanchi kamakoti Peetathipathis Chandrasekhara and Mahadeva SwamiSankara madam , Kalavai, Near KanchipuramJeeva Samadhi
Chandrasekarendra Saraswati Maha SwamigalChandrasekarendra Saraswati Maha SwamigalSankara madam , Kanchipuram Maha Samadhi
 Siva Swami alias Poda SwamiSiva Swami madam , near cremation grounds, Kanchipuram Jeeva Samadhi
 Upanishad BrahmendrarUpanishad Brahmendrar madam , Kanchipuram (on the way from kanchipuram to kailasanathar temple) Jeeva Samadhi
 Sumatheendra TheertharSumatheendra Theerthar brindavanam , Kanchipuram Jeeva Samadhi
 Kachiappa munivarTiruvavaduthurai Aatheenam, Kanchi Pilliayar Palayam, Kanchipuram, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi with his disciples.
 Thaandavaraya SwamigalThanndavaraya Swamigal Madam , Govindavadi (near Kanchipuram) Jeeva Samadhi with his disciples.
 Kanchipuram dargahKanchipuram dargah , Kanchipuram Jeeva Samadhi (dargah)
 Kanchi Kamakoti peetathipathi Adhyatma PrakasaSankara madam , Ambi (near Kanchipuram) Jeeva Samadhi
 Kasyapa munivarKasi madam , Thirupoonthuruthi (20 km from Tanjore) Jeeva Samadhi
 SankaraanandarSankaraananda madam , Thirupoonthuruthi (20 km from Tanjore) Jeeva Samadhi
Thyaga brahma SwamigalThyaga brahma SwamigalThyagarajar madam , Thiruvaiyaru, Tanjore Jeeva Samadhi
 Agappei SiddharPanchanadheeswarar temple , Thiruvaiyaru, TanjoreJeeva Samadhi
 SriKazhi Sitrambala NaadigalSitrambala Naadigal Madaalayam , Siddharkadu , KumbakonamJeeva Samadhi with his 63 disciples
 Sattai munivarSattainathar temple , Sirkali (Near Kumbakonam) Jeeva Samadhi
 Thiru Gnana SambandarThiru Gnana Sambandar madam , Achalpuram (near Sirkali Kumbakonam) merged with the divine light: took along with Him everyone else present in His marriage.
 St. Lourdes XavierPoondi Basilica , Poondi (Near Tanjore)Jeeva Samadhi
 BhadragiriyaarMahalingeswarar temple , Thiruvidaimaruthur , KumbakonamJeeva Samadhi
 Vijayendra Theertha SwamigalVijayendra Theertha brindavanam , near Sakrapani temple, Kumbakonam Jeeva Samadhi (Guru of Sri Raghavendra)
 Sri Govinda DikshitharAdi Kumbeswarar temple , Kumbakonam Jeeva Samadhi
 Kumba munivarAdi Kumbeswarar temple , Kumbakonam Jeeva Samadhi
 Aadhi Sivaprakaasa SwamigalSivaprakaasa Swami madam , Muzhaiyur (near Thirunageswaram) , KumbakonamJeeva Samadhi along with His Disciples (Founder of Veera Saivism in Tamilnadu)
 Pundariga MaharishiKaya Roganam shiva temple , Nagapattinam Jeeva Samadhi
 Azugani SiddharKaya Roganam shiva temple , Nagapattinam Jeeva Samadhi
 Kuthambai SiddharMaayuranathar temple , Maiyiladuthurai (Near Nagapattinam)Jeeva Samadhi
 Dhanvantri SiddharVaidheeswarar temple , Vaidheeswaran koil (Near Kumbakonam) Jeeva Samadhi
 Guru NamasivayarGuru Namasivayar temple , Chidambaram (near nataraja temple), Cuddalore dt Jeeva Samadhi
 Hara Datta SivachariyarHara Dattar Temple , Kanjanur (Near Kumbakonam)Jeeva Samadhi (Guru of Narayana Theerthar)
 ManickavasagarManickavasagar temple , Chidambaram (near nataraja temple),Cuddalore dt Jeeva Samadhi
Bhagavan nama BodhendralBhagavan nama BodhendralSankara madam , Govindapuram , Kumbakonam Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutt during Seventeenth century. One of of the three great saints during the period the other two being Sridara Ayyaval and Marudhanallur Satguru
Sri Sridara AyyavalSri Sridara AyyavalMahalingeswarar temple , Thiruvidaimaruthur , Kumbakonam Jeeva Samadhi
 Gorakka SiddharShiva temple , North Poigainallur (Near Nagapattinam)Jeeva Samadhi
 Valmiki MaharishiSoundareswarar Temple , Ettukudi (Near Nagapattinam)Jeeva Samadhi
 ThirumoolarKomukteeswarar temple , Thiruvavaduthurai (Near Nagapattinam) Jeeva Samadhi (Foremost of 18 siddhas)
 Kamala munivarThyagaraja temple , Thiruvarur Jeeva Samadhi
 Guru Dakshinamurthy SwamigalGuru Dakshninamurthy Madaalayam , ThiruvarurJeeva Samadhi
VallalarVallalarVallalar Temple , Mettukuppam (Near Vadalur - Cuddalore), Tamilnadu Dissolved the body and merged with the supreme
Venkaiyah SwamigalVenkaiyah SwamigalVenkaiyah Swami Samadhi temple, Nellore, Andhra Pradesh Jeeva Samadhi
Adhi SankaraAdhi SankaraKamakshi Amman Temple, Kamakshi Amman Temple, Kanchipuram, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi, Founder of Advaita philosophy, Founder of Sankara mutt
Muthuswami DikshitharMuthuswami DikshitharMuthuswami Dikshithar Jeeva Samadhi Temple, Ettayapuram, South TamilnaduOne among the musical trinity.
Sri Ramakka DeviSri Ramakka DeviRamakka Temple, Ramakka Samadhi Temple, Ramakka Malai, Arkadukuppam(on the way from Madras to Tirupati), Andhra Pradesh Jeeva samadhi
 Guru KavalappanPerumal Temple, Gangaikonda Cholapuram(Near Tanjore), TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi, Guru of Alavandhar who was the Guru of Sri Ramanujacharya
Sant NamdevSant NamdevPanduranga Temple, Panduranga Temple, Pandharpur, Maharashtra Jeeva Samadhi along with his 14 disciples at the footsteps of the temple
 ChokkaSwamiPanduranga Temple, Chokkaswami mandir(opp. panduranga temple), Pandharpur, MaharashtraJeeva samadhi
 Narahari MaharajNarahari Maharaj Mandir, Narahari Maharaj Mandir, Pandharpur, MaharashtraJeeva samadhi
 PurandaradasaPanduranga Temple, Panduranga Temple, Pandharpur, MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Siddeshwar MaharajSiddeshwar Temple, Siddeshwar Mandir, Solapur, MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi along with his disciples
 Hatiram BabaVenugopala Swami Temple, Venugopala Swami temple, Akash Ganga, Tirumala, Tirupati, Andhra pradeshJeeva samadhi along with his 32 disciples
 Arkadu SwamiArkadu Swami Jeeva samadhi temple, Arkadukuppam(On the way from Madras to tirupati), Andhra PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 Sakku Bai(alias Jana Bai)Gopalpur Mandir, Gopalpur, Pandharpur, MaharashtraJeeva samadhi
 Narad rishiNarad rishi Mandir, River Chandrabhaga, PandharpurJeeva samadhi
 PundalikPundalik Mandir, Pandharpur, MaharashtraJeeva samadhi
 Sri SureshwaracharyaKanchi Kamakoti Peetam, Kanchipuram, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi, Founder of Kanchi mutt
 Kumara DevarKumara Devar Madaalayam, Virudhachalam,(Near Villupuram)Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi
 Thukkada BabaThukkada baba Samadhi temple, Near cremation grounds(near market), Ooty, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
Meher BabaMeher BabaMeher Baba Samadhi, Meherashram, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra Samadhi
Sri RamanujacharyaSri RamanujacharyaRanganatha Temple, Srirangam, Tiruchirapalli(Trichy), Tamilnadu Jeeva Samadhi
 Maha Devendra SaraswatiSankara Madam, Sankara madam(Near vadivudai amman temple), Thiruvottiyur, ChennaiJeeva samadhi
 Roma MaharishiVadivudaiamman Temple, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Dakshinamurthy MadalayamDakshinamurthy temple, Kanthal, Ooty, Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi of 6 saints.
 BhogarBaladandayudhapani Temple, Palani, TamilnaduOne of the 18 siddhas.Installed the muruga statue at Palani. Attained Jeeva samadhi 5000 years ago.
Sri Sadhu SwamigalSri Sadhu SwamigalSadhu Swamigal Madalayam, Near boarding of winch, Palani, Tamilnadu One of the greatest mystics of the early 20th century. Attained Jeeva Samadhi 50 years back.
Mayamma DeviMayamma DeviMayamma Devi samadhi temple, (Near Yercaud),Salem, TamilnaduOne of the greatest mystics of the present era. Attained samadhi at 1996. Lived in physical form in the earth for more than 200 years.
 Prahlad MaharajPrahlad Maharaj Samadhi Temple, Near Panduranga temple, Pandharpur, MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi
 Moulana Sahib MeignaniMoulana Sahib Dargah, Sri Moulana Sahib, Pondy Mulla veedhi (situated at end of the street), Pondicherry, IndiaJeeva Samadhi
Kaarai SiddharKaarai SiddharSanthaveli Anjaneyar Temple, Valangaimaan, (Near Kumbakonam)Jeeva Samadhi
 Udi BasavappaUdi basavappa temple, Deodhpur, (Near Bijapur), KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi
Veera Subbaiyah SwamigalVeera Subbaiyah SwamigalVeera subbaiyah madam, P.B.Road, Purasaiwalkam, Chennai, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi - Disciple of Pothaluri Veera Brahmendra Swami
Pothaluri Veera Brahmendra SwamiPothaluri Veera Brahmendra SwamiVeera Brahmendra Swami mutt, Cuddapah, Andhra PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 Subbaiyah SwamigalSubbaiyah Madam, Thirukazhukundram, Chingleput, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Kola SwamigalKola Swami temple, Kola swami temple, Kurinjipadi(Near Virudhachalam), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi(disciple of vallalar)
 Subburaya paradesi swamigalMuruga temple, Kurinjipadi, (Near virudhachalam), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 VelikandanatharVelikanda Nathar Shiva Temple, Palakarai, Tiruchirapalli(trichy)Jeeva Samadhi
Sant JnaneshwarSant JnaneshwarJnaneshwar Maharaj Mandir, Alandi(Near Pune), Maharashtra Jeeva samadhi
 Atma BodhaSankara madam, Vadavaambalam, Near Villupuram, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi and guru of Bodhendra Saraswati
 Sadasiva BrahmamSadasiva Brahmendrar Temple, Nerur(Near Karur), TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Ragothama TheertharRagothama Theerthar brindavanam, Thirukovilur(near tiruvannamalai), Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi
Gnanananda Giri SwamigalGnanananda Giri SwamigalGnanananda thapovanam, Thirukovilur, (near tiruvannamalai),Tamilnadu Jeeva Samadhi
 Pulippani siddharPulippani siddhar temple, Palani, Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi. Disciple of bogar
 Satyanatha TheertharSatyanatha Theerthar, Veeracholapuram(20 kms of thirukovilur), Tiruvannamalai, Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi
Sri Koti SwamiSri Koti SwamiKoti Swami madam, Puravipalayam, Pollachi, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi. Lived in the world for more than 400 years.
 AatkondarAatkondar Temple, Thiruvaiyaru (Near Tanjore), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Thambula SwamigalThambula Swamigal temple, ThiruvaiyaruJeeva samadhi
 Sudugadu SwamigalSudugadu Swamigal temple, Thiruvaiyaru, (Near Tanjore), TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Mei Kanda ThevarShiva Temple, Thiruvennainallur (Near Villupuram), Tamilnadu, IndiaJeeva Samadhi(One of the four santhana kuravars)
Sri SaibabaSri SaibabaSaibaba temple, Shirdi, MaharashtraOne of the greatest mystics of the early 20th century. Attained samadhi during 1918.
Sri Raghavendra TheerthaSri Raghavendra TheerthaRaghavendra Temple, Mantralayam, Andhra Pradesh One of the most renowned mystics of the Madhva lineage. Attained jeeva samadhi before 350 years
Bhagwan Shree OshoBhagwan Shree Osho It is very difficult for an Enlightened person to bring out his enlightenment in words. Osho is the only mystic in the recent times who has thrown out his enlightenment in words.
Sakunthala ammaiyar(Ayah)Sakunthala ammaiyar(Ayah)Gurulinga Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Temple, 10, Karaneeswarar koil temple, Saidapet, Chennai, TamilnaduDevotee of Gurulinga Swamigal who sacrificed her entire life to look after the samadhi temple of Gurulinga Swamigal.
Sri Vedanta DesikaSri Vedanta DesikaThoopul Vedanta Desikar Temple, Thoopul, Kanchipuram, TamilnaduMerged one with the deity in the sanctum sanctorum of Thoopul
 Sri Nandi AdigalNandi Adigal Jeeva samadhi madam, Lalgudi(Near Dindigul) Jeeva samadhi(Guru of Sadhu Swamigal, Palani)
 GuruswamiGuruswami samadhi temple, Near vellala madam, Palani, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Chatti swamiChatti swami samadhi temple, Vadakku veedhi(Malai road), Palani, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Sathguru swamiSathguru swami temple, Near Chatti swami samadhi, Palani, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Pattanathu Marimuthu swamiPattanathu Marimuthu swami samadhi temple, Near Sadhu Swamigal samadhi temple, Palani, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Chinnamal SamadhiChinnamal Samadhi temple, Near pattanathu marimuthu swami samadhi, Palani, Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi(in the same compound another siddha's samadhi)
 Sri La Sri Thavathiru Mounaguru swamigalMounaguru swamigal temple, Palani, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi alongside 6 samadhis
 Varathaaru SwamigalVarathaaru swamigal samadhi temple, Near Sadhu swamigal madam, Palani, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Kumaraguruswami SamadhiBrahmadurga temple, Palani, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Kalidasa swamigalKalidasa swamigal samadhi, Kodaikanal road(1 km from palanijeeva samadhi
 Satchidananda swamiSatchidananda swami madam, Kanakkanpatti(8 km from palani), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi(near the samadhi is the place where the swami meditated)
 KavadiapparKavadiappar Samadhi temple, Ottanchathiram,(near palani), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 MaunaswamiMaunaswami samadhi temple, Kannivadi(between ottanchathiram and sempatti)Jeeva samadhi
 Ramalinga swamiRamalingar swami samadhi temple, Karamadai(between ottanchatiram and sempatti), tamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 OdhaswamiOdhaswami madam, Dindigul, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Raja Sri Maunaguru swamiRaja Sri Maunaguru swami samadhi temple, Angunagar, Dindigul, Tamilnadujeeva samadhi
 GuruswamiGuruswami madaalayam, Kottur(Near virudhunagar and sattur), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Jothi Nirvana SwamigalJothi nirvana swamigal temple, Kasavanapatti, Dindigul, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Kalaangi natharKaalangi nathar temple, Kanjamalai, Salem, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi(Guru of Bhogar) - please visit the place where the swami meditated
 Paatappan swamiPaatappan swami samadhi, Kanjamalai(base), Salem, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Appa Paithiyam swamiAppa Paithiyam swami samadhi temple, Suramangalam, Salem, TamilnaduAttained samadhi in 2000
 Azuku swamiAzuku swami temple, Vettaikaran pudur(Near pollachi), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Deva bramanarDeva bramanar temple, Jalagandapuram(between Salem and Mettur dam), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi(Worshipped Devi Gayathri)
 Two GurumaargalArya Vysya madam, Nedunchipettai(Between Mettur dam and Bhavani)Jeeva samadhi
 KonkanarMuruga temple, Konkanagiri(Vattamalai), 8 kms from Kankeyam, tamilnaduThe place where Siddha Konkana Meditated
 Chetty ThambiranChetty thambiran samadhi, Udhiyur(13km from Kankeyam), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi. There is a konkana siddha temple atop the hill beside muruga temple and a shiva temple at the base of the hill
 MarkandeyaMarkandeya temple, Sennimalai(Near salem), TamilnaduThe place where sage markandeya mediated
 ThirumalaiswamiThirumalai swami temple, Bhagawan koil, (15 km from Darapuram), Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi of 6 saints (thirumalai swami's samadhi is in kanchipuram)
 A siddhaVellapar temple, Belukuruchi(kuvaimalai), Near Senthamangalam, Namakkal, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadai swamiSadai swami temple, Thotiyam(near musiri), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Narayana BrahmendrarNarayana Brahmendrar samadhi temple, Kaatuputhur(near thotiyam), Namakkal, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Thirupathi swamiThirupathi swami samadhi temple, Kadambarkoil(north), Kulithalai, Karur districtJeeva samadhi
 Babu swamiBabu swami madam, 3 km from kulithalai on Karur road, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Munisif swamiMunisif swami madam, Musiri(tiruchi dt), Tamilnadu Samadhi
Judge SwamigalJudge SwamigalBhuvaneswari Amman temple, Pudukottai, Tamilnadu Jeeva samadhi
 Surakai SwamigalSurakai swami madam, Thiruthani, Chennai, TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 Varnasarabam Dhandapani SwamigalDhandapani Swamigal Ashram, Thiruvamathur(Near Villupuram)Jeeva samadhi(In the lineage of Kumara Deva)
 Aryamba DeviSankaracharya Madam, Kaladi, Kerala(Near Thrissur)Jeeva Samadhi
 Snake TempleSnake Temple, Mannarsalai(Near Alappei - Ambalapuzha), KeralaSamadhis of Snakes and the priestess of the temple
 Swaminatha SwamigalMuruga Temple, IlayanarVelur(Near Kancheepuram), TamilnaduJeeva samadhi
 VengamambaVengamamba Samadhi, Vengamamba School, Opposite Pushkarani(Near Varaha swami temple), Tirumala, Tirupati,Andhra PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 Muthukrishna Thambiran SwamigalOpposite arunachaleshwarar temple, new washermanpetJeeva samadhi along with his disciple Gnana sundara Thambiran...samadhi in housing board in a lane opp. arunachaleshwarar temple...madam opp. to arunachaleshwarar temple
 Yusa Asaph known as Jesus ChristRozabal, Khanyar District, Srinagar, IndiaJeeva Samadhi
 Lal ded(Lalla Arifa/Lalleshwari)Adjacent to Jamia Masjid Mosque, Bijbehara(45 km from Srinagar)Jeeva Samadhi
 guru dakshinamoorthi swamigaltiruvarur, matapuramjeevasamadhigalgreat saint
 annan swamigalputhur, thirunelikaval, near tiruvarurjeeva samadhigreat avatar
 Sankara SwamigalThiruchendur NEAR THIRUCHENDUR TEMPLE (Southside of Surasamhara Stage)Jeeva Samadhi
 Thiru.Chitrambala swamyAppupillayoor near kozhinjampara palakad dist. 28kms frm pollachi and 42kms frm coimbatoreGreat mahayogi. Lovingly called my mahaaguru agasthiar as *vellaadai siddhar*. A very powerful, unique maha panchatchara chitrambala yantra is there for welfare of universe and temple work going on as guided by agasthiar directly thro subtle form to swamis disciple. Cntct nos are 9994974557,7373848274Temple work goingon. Everyone should have a darsan and they cn realize their chakras activatng.
 Theertha giri SwamigalAlandur, Chennai, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Chengalvaraya SwamigalAndhra PradeshJeeva Samadhi
Sootukol Ramalinga SwamigalSootukol Ramalinga SwamigalSootukol Ramalinga Swamigal Jeeva Samadhi Alayam, Mannargudi, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Appayya DikshitharThiruvalangadu, KumbakonamJeeva Samadhi
 "Dadu Swamigal"Aadhipureeswarar temple, Kondal Street (Off Mint Street), Kondithoppu, ChennaiThis temple was actually the home of Dadu swamigal, where he was doing puja to Aadhipureeswarar and Vadivudai amman. In the midst of the busy mint street, a seeker of truth can find a different plane.
Kuzhandai Ananda SwamigalKuzhandai Ananda SwamigalKuzhandai Ananda Swamigal Madam, Sithalangudi, MaduraiJeeva SamadhiThis is yet another Jeeva Samadhi of Kuzhandai Ananda Maha Swamigal otherwise known as Trailanga Swamigal
Kuzhandai SwamigalKuzhandai SwamigalYeeloor Saliyar Chathiram, 57, Nethaji Road, Madurai - 625001 Ph: 0452 2340218 Jeeva SamadhiThis is yet another Jeeva Samadhi of the Yuga Purusha called as Kuzhandai Swamigal. Every Year Tamil Panguni Month 15th day annadhanam will be happen.
Kuzhandai Ananda Swamigal (Kuzhandai Kathirvellappar)Kuzhandai Ananda Swamigal (Kuzhandai Kathirvellappar)Near Kasi Viswanathar Temple (in a home), TenkasiJeeva SamadhiThe divine leelas performed by Kuzhandai Ananda Swamigal are many and this is yet another Jeeva Samadhi
Ethiraja SwamigalEthiraja SwamigalEdiraja Swamigal Madam, Ethiraja Swami Salai, Erukkancheri (Off Kamaraj Marriage Hall), ChennaiSwamigal attained samadhi during 1946. He was in to bhakthi maarga of vaishnavism.
 BaskarayarBaskara raja puram, (Near Thiruvalangadu), Mayavaram districtJeeva Samadhi
 Sri krishna yogindra paramahamsaBanavara,arsikere taluq,Hassan district,karnatakaTook jeeva samadhi about 400 years ago.It is said that 40 of his disciples also took samadhi within 40 kms radius of banavaraRecently Jhuna akhara sadhus from north india came to Banavara for sadguru krishnayogindra saraswati paramahamsa's aradhane
Nawal Das Ji MaharajNawal Das Ji MaharajKhankar Khera Gaon, Bateshwar, Agra, UttarpradeshJeeva Samadhi
 UnknownNattrampalli near Tirupattur.He lived till the late 1990's. He has built a temple also. He took Jeeva samadhi after having the pit prepared and as guided by Him the pit was closed by his followers in the village. It is said that he is from a place bordering AP and TN and used to do his tapas in the forests. On one of the days of Kumbabishekam being performed for the temple He got built HE took jeeva samadhi. It is said that earlier he used to be in a samadhi state for 6 months used to come out of it.need to visit the place as he is little known outside.
 ottanchathiram ramaswamy siddharottanchathiramits not in use it should come with kumbhaabishekam
 Munuswamy AyyaMaankali Amman Temple, Bringimalai Base, Cantonment AreaJeeva Samadhi
Trailanga MahaswamiTrailanga MahaswamiTrailanga Swami mutt, Panch ganga ghat, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva SamadhiLived for 300 years. Ramakrishna Paramhansa called Trailanga Swami as the walking Shiva of Varanasi
 Gadi BabaDurvasa Maharishi Ashram, Banks of River Yamuna (near Delhi-highway bridge), Mathura, Uttar PradeshJeeva SamadhiGadi baba, the follower of Rishi Durvasa, attained Jeeva Samadhi in Durvasa Ashram in Mathura.. which is filled with the presence of Raja Rishi Durvasa
 Madhavendra Theertha SwamiWalkeshwar, (Near Walkeshwar Mandir), Mumbai, MaharashtraJeeva SamadhiA saint in madhva lineage
Kinaram BabaKinaram BabaB3 /335, Kinaram Baba Mutt, Ravindrapuri, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva SamadhiLived for 150 years.
 Somasundara SwamigalThirupoovanam, Madurai, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Munuswamy AyyaMaankali Amman Temple, Bringimalai Base, Cantonment Area, jeeva samadhi
 Ethiraja RajayogiKaranai Puducheri, Near Urapakkamjeeva samadhi
 Ponnambala Swamy - Irratai SiddhargalJambukeswarar Temple, Sembakkam which is Enroute Guduvanchery Chengelpet Road. 7 Kms from Thiruporurjeeva samadhi
 Shri Thirumaenilinga Swamy - Irratai SiddhargalJambukeswarar Temple, Sembakkam which is Enroute Guduvanchery Chengelpet Road. 7 Kms from Thiruporurjeeva samadhi
 Madhanagopala SwamyMelpatti Ponnappa Mudali Street, Opp to Eswari Kalayana Madapam, enquire in Kalyana Madapam, Peramburjeeva samadhi
 Chandrayogi SwamyNear 5 lights, Mangalapuram, Near Perambur, Chandrayogi Samadhi Road, Chennaijeeva samadhi
 Madurai SwamigalSembiam Madurai Swamy Mutt, Sembiam Venus Theatre 2nd Cross Street, Sembiam, ChennaiSamadhi
 Jnanaprakasa SwamigalSivamirthagnana Ashram, 145/30, North Mada Street, Thiruvottiyur, Chennai, Tamilnadu, Indiajeeva samadhi
 Mauna Guru SwamigalAppar Koil Street, Opp to Theradi Bus Stop, Thiruvottiyurjeeva samadhi
 Appar SwamyOpp to Thiruvottiyur Beach, Appar Koil Street, Thiruvottiyurjeeva samadhi
 Markandeya MaharishiAlamathi Village, In the premises of Alamatheeswarar Temple, 7 Kms from Red Hillsjeeva samadhi
 Bairava SiddharOpp to Bus Stand, In the premises of Varasiddhi Vinayar Temple, Poonamalee, Chennaijeeva samadhi
 Garudakodi SiddharSundaravaradaraja Perumal Tank Leftside, Siddharkadu (Enroute Poonamalee Thandarai is Siddharkadu)jeeva samadhi
 Arunachala SiddharKariakulal Village, Near Nemilli, Near Arakonamjeeva samadhi
 2 Saints (Name not known)Arya Vysya madam, Nedunchipettai (Between Mettur dam and Bhavani)jeeva samadhi
 Maraignana SivachariyarNear Indane Gas Godown, Singarathoppu, Chidambaramjeeva samadhi
 Umapathi SivachariyarNear Annamalaiyar Nagar Srinivasa Theatre and Engineering College, Behind Ambika Rice Mill, Chidambaramjeeva samadhi
 Avadutha SwamigalNanadavam, Guru Iyer Street, Chidambaramjeeva samadhi
 Ponnambala SwamigalEntroute Chidambaram-Mannarkudi Road, Near Thirumana Mandapamjeeva samadhi
 Mauna Swamy39, Sabanayagar Street, Chidambaramjeeva samadhi
 Velliambala SwamyNear Market Bus Stop, Enroute Bhuvanagiri - Kadalur, Bhuvanagirijeeva samadhi
 Venkatrama SwamyMelaiyur. Near Melaiyur Suyambunagapani Eswaran Temple, Enroute Tiruporur - Chinglepet. 17 Kms from Tiruporurjeeva samadhi
 ThirumalaiswamyBhagawan Koil, (15 km from Darapuram), Tamilnadujeeva samadhi
 swami ramdasAnandashram, Kanhangad, Keralawww.anandashram.orgAny religion cast creed can go to the ashram.Food & Accomadation is free
 Jeganatha SwamigalNext to Sri Subramanuim Temple - Tapah, Perak, MalaysiaWe in Malaysia are beginning to realized that indeed Siddhas have traveled to Malaya and performed austerities and eventually went into Samadhi. Jeganatha Swamigal, a disciple of Ramalinga Adigal, is foremost among a handful of saints who ventured to Malaya, that we have come to know. Jeganatha Swamigal's Samadhi is located presently in a Shiva temple at Tapah, Perak. Jeganatha Swamigal happens to be Tavayogi Thangarasan Adigal's Paramaguru. Tavayogi's guru, Chitramuthu Adigal of Panaikulam, India had served Jeganatha Swamigal in Malaya.
 Kalliyadi BrahmamKa Pudupatti, Near Vadamadurai enroute Dindigul to Trichy, 20 Kms from Dindigul,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vathiar Swamy (Muthuvadukesa Swamigal)Near Bus Stand, Singampunari, 20 Kms from Tirupur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Jothi Nirvana Swamigal (Mauna guru Swamigal)Kasavanapatti, Near Kannivadi, 22 Kms from Dindigul,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Om Namachivaya SwamigalMain Deity of Siva Temple, North of Pasumatthur, 7 Kms from Gudiyatham,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kanchi kamakoti Peetathipathis Chandrasekhara Mahadeva Swami Sankara Madam, Kalavai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kanchi kamakoti Peetathipathis Mahadeva Swami Sankara Madam, Kalavai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Visvanatha SwamyIn the premises of Kanniamman Temple, Below Murugan Shrine, Grove next to Punyakoteeswarar Temple, Kanchipuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Rajaraja Baba SiddharVellarai Village, Near Kollathur, Near Sriperambuthur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Karuvurar SiddharKarur Pasupatheeswarar Temple, Karuvurar Sannidhi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mauna SwamigalVisvanathar Koil Junction of North and East street, Mauna Swami Madam Street, Kumbakonam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Arunachala SwamigalNear Mauna Swami Madam Street, South of Mauna Swamigal Samadhi, Kumbakonam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sachidananda SwamigalNear Swami Malai North Bank, Below Bridge within the Premises of Government High School,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Viralimalai Sadasiva SwamigalEnroute Kumbakonam Mayavaram, 8 kms from Kumbakonam, Near Siva Temple, Thirupuvanam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Chaitanya Sivam SwamigalEnroute Aduthurai to Sooryanar Temple, West of Cauvery Bridge, Behind the Amman Temple, Below Chaitanya Vinayagar,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 BaskarayarBaskarrajapuram, Near Aduthurai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Roma RishiEnroute Kumbakonam Eravangeri, Koondhalur, Siva Temple (Jambukaranyeswarar),Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Poonaikan SiddharPayakara Street, Pattakulam Lane, Valangaimaan (Near Kumbakonam),Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ramananda BrahmendrarEnroute Kumbakonam Thiruvarur, Kudavasal, 4 Kms from Kudavasal is Sengalipuram, Sengalipuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 OttakootharTharasuram, Behind Veerabhadra Swamy Temple, 2 Kms from Kumbakonam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ramaiyah SwamyPannaicheri, Nanilam - Srivanchiyam - Manakkal Ayyambettai Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mookan SwamigalEnd of Thyagaraja Engineering College. Enquire the Watchman of the Engineering College,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vellaiyah Swami (Karunanda Swamy)Simmakkal Bus Stop, Simmakkal , Madurai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sundarananda siddharMeenakshi amman Temple , Madurai meenakshi amman temple , Madurai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Palani Nachimuthu Swamy (Sivanarayana Desikar)Arapalayam Bus Stand, Opp to Puttuthoppu Siva Temple, Madurai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadhu Vivekananda MuneeswararMettutheru, Opp to Guru Theatre, Guhanantha Olivalar Manram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Seemai SwamyMettutheru, Opp to Guru Theatre, Guhanantha Olivalar Manram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Balayogi GaneshbabuMettutheru, Opp to Guru Theatre, Guhanantha Olivalar Manram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kulanthi SwamigalSaliar Sattiram, Opp to Uchini makaliamman Temple, Nethaji Road, Near Periyar Bus Stand, Madurai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Naganatha SwamigalNear Vattakanpatti Ooratchi Mandram Buidling, Vattakanpatti enroute Eriyur-Tirupattur Road, Near Melur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadguru SwamigalM.Suppulapuram, Near Andipatti which in eroute Usilampatti and Theni Road, ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muniyandi SwamyK.Rangapalayam. Enroute Madurai Rajapalayam is T Kunnathur (28 Kms). 1/2 km from Kunnathur.,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Maunaguru SwamyVaraha River Bride to Arul Theatre Road, Periakulam, 15 Kms from Theni,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadaiyandi Reddiar SwamyVittalpatti Village, Vandapuli Panchayat, Near Theppaoorani, 4 kms from Saptur.36 Kms from Usilampatti is Saptur. ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Namo Narayana Desika Ananda SwamyKottaipatti, Madurai - Usilampatti. Kottaipatti is enroute Usilampatti Ezhumalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Gurunatha SwamyNamo Narayana Desika Ananda Swamy Madam, Below Nandi, Kottaipatti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Somappa SwamigalNear Maayandi Swamigal temple Enroute to Murgan Temple in the Hill, Below Siva Lingam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mayandi SwamyBehind Sootukol Ramalinga Swamy Samadhi, Mannargudi Tiruvarur Bye Pass Road, Also called as Iyer Samadhi, ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vattar Mauna Guru SwamigalSenthvadal 6th Street, Near Gopinatha Perumal Temple, Mannargudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Meru SwamyHarithra River Tank, Near Siva Temple East Entrance, South of Bhamini River, Mannargudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Anantha SwamySeruvamani, Near Senthamangalam, 15 Kms from Mannargudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthaiya SiddharVadakarai Vayal Village, Near Rajavaiyan Chavadi Bus Stop, Mannargudi Needamangalam Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Veera Sekara Jnana DesikarThirukalar Village, Near Siva Temple, Near Mannargudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivaprakasa SwamyEkkal alias Marudhoor Village, Tattan Koil Rangarajapuram Road. Tattankoil is enroute Mannargudi Tiruthuraipoondi 7Kms,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Arumuga SiddharKanoor Village, Korai River bed, 1Km from Rajasubbaiyan Chavadi which enroute Mannargudi-Needamangalam (6 Kms),Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Swaminatha SiddharNear Arumuga Siddhar Samadhi, Kanoor Village, Korai River bed, 1Km from Rajasubbaiyan Chavadi ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Boondhi SwamyHarithra River Tank, Near Siva Temple, Mannargudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Manivasaga SwamigalBelow Main Deity Dhakshina Kali, Koorainadu Area, Kaveri South Bank, Mayavaram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Yoga Abhirami AmmayarBelow Main Deity Murugan, Kutcheri Street, Mayavaram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Konkana SiddharKonkaneswara Coconut Grove, Near Thamarai Kulam, 1km from Thiruvalangadu,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thirumaligai ThevarThirvavaduthurai Atheenam Premises, Thiruvalangadu,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Urikatti SwamigalEnroute Mayavaram-Kumbakonam, Shetrapalapuram, Kuttalam, ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Rottuswamigal (Sivaramakrishna Swamigal)Enroute Mayavaram-Kumbakonam, Mathirimangalam, 12 Kms from Mayavaram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sethubhava SwamigalEnroute Kuthalam Siva Temple to Thirumanamcheri, Sannadhi Street, West Side, Wood cutting factory Premises,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 SuyamprakasarBelow Siva Lingam in Maniakulam Kasi Viswanathar Temple in Kanchanur, Near Dhakshinamoorthy Sannadhi big Siva Lingam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vaithyalinga SwamigalOutside Maniakulam South Side Kasi Viswanathar Temple in Kanchanur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pal SwamigalBelow Main Deity Murugan, Thirumangana Street, Koorainadu Area, Opp to Rotary Matriculation School, Mayavaram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Paikatti SwamigalGovernment Hospital Premises, Mayavaram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Valmiki Maharishi (Vanmeegar)Soundareswarar Temple, Ettukudi Near Nagapattinam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 A siddha (name not known)Vellapar temple, Belukuruchi (Kuvaimalai), Near Senthamangalam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Suyamprakasa AvadhutharBelow Tatrathreyar Shrine, Tatrathreya Temple, Senthamangalam, 11 Kms from Namakkal,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thuravi Veri Kovindha SwamigalBelow Murugan Shrine, Reddiapatty Kandhagiri alias Koolipatti Palaniandavar Temple, 3 Kms from Namakkal Turaiyur road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Eswara Bhattar SwamigalNear Palani Anadavar Kalai College, Enroute Palani Madurai Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ramaswamy SiddharNear Ottanchathiram Fire Station,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Santananda SwamigalBhuvaneswari Amman temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kodakanallur Sundara SwamigalArimazham Village, 16 kms from Pudukottai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Suruli SwamigalVadukapatti Village near Keeranur which is Pudukottai Trichy Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivanthilinga SwamySembuthi Village, Near Melnilai Villku Stop, Pudukottai enroute Kuzhipirai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ekammai wife of Sivanthilinga SwamySembuthi Village, Near Melnilai Villku Stop, Kuzhipirai, Near Pudukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadhu Pullan SwamyPanayapatti, Near Kuzhipirai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Perumananda SwamyTheni Malai Base, Near Karaiyur. Enroute Pudukotai - Karaiyur - Thenimalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pavai AmmalJageer Amma Palayam, No.5, Road, Thyagarajar College, Near Bus Bus Stop, Kavadi Palaniandavar Ashramam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Karadi SiddharUttamacholapuram, Karapureeswarar Siva Temple, 5 Kms from Salem,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Srabanga MunivarOmalurkottai, Vaithyanatha Eswarar Temple, Near Navagraha Sannadhi, Selam Mettur Road. 16 Kms from Salem,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Siddeswarar (Siddeswarar Swamy) Kanjamalai (base), Amavasai Temple, 21 Kms from Salem,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Punakku SiddharSennimalai Murugan Temple, 23 Kms from Erode and 15 Kms from Peruthurai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sanyasi VaradharSamiyar Madam, 3 Kms from Thalavaipatti, 5 Kms from Athur is Thalavaipatti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Appan SwamyVadakumari Village, 15 Kms from Athur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Natesa SwamyKariyanoor, Reach Kariyanoor from Chinnaselam or Athur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kakabujandar & VarunadeviThenponparrapi. 6 Kms from Chinna Salem. In the premises of Sornapureeswar Siva Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Siddhar SiddhanatharKoogaiyur. In the premises of Panchatchara Nathar Temple, 12 Kms from Chinna Salem. 27 Kms from Kallakurichi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kathirkama SwamigalEnroute Sirkali to Vaitheeswaran Temple, Uppna River Right side of the Bridge, Sirkali,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pal SwamigalNorth road from Karanthai Police Station, Old Thiruvayyaru Road, Near Raja Gori, East of the Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subburaya SwamyBelow Natarajar Shrine, Singapuri, 10 Kms from Vadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Appa SwamyNear Subburayar Murugan Temple, Singapuri, 10 Kms from Vadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kalpattu AyyaNear Vadalur Siddi Vazhalagam, Vadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vaimoodi SwamySandaithopu Complex, Near Fire Station, Near Sethia thopu Bus Stand, Sethia Thopu,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thathuvaraya SwamyErumbur, 5Kms from Sethia Thopu,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thillai Vathiar SwamyPerumathur, Enroute Sethia Thopu Bhuvanagiri, 6 Kms from Sethia Thopu,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Gangadhara SwamigalOttapalayam (Vetrilaithaduku Village) Near Narayanavanam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ramananda SwamyVillage Siva Temple, Bethadoorpetai near Thiruthani,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 SiddhesarPanchanadheeswarar Temple, Below Siddeswar Siva Lingam, Thiruvaiyaru,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Singapore Swamigal (Murugan Swamigal)Near Pushya Mandapa Bank, Aruvathumoovar Madam, Thiruvaiyaru,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thandavaraya SwamigalNannilam Kadai Street, 18 Kms from Thiruvarur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Narayana SwamigalNannilam Kadai Street, Thandavaraya Swamigal Madam,,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Chinnan SwamigalSannanallur, Enroute Thiruvarur Mayavaram Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthurama BrahmamNear Draupadai Amman Temple, Saram Village, Enroute Dindivanam Olakkur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthaleeswarar SwamyPerumukkal Village, 10 Kms from Dindivanam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthuswamy SiddharNear Nadupalani Murugan Temple, 7 Kms from Achirupakkam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Lalithananda SwamyPasumalai. Pasumalai Hill Base Thoppu. Route Tindivanam - Nattarmangalam - Melakur - Pasumalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mauna Guru SwamigalMoovar Samadhi, Opp to Tiruchendur Murugan Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kasi SwamyMoovar Samadhi, Opp to Tiruchendur Murugan Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 ArumugaswamyMoovar Samadhi, Opp to Tiruchendur Murugan Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Satru Samhara Murthy SwamyNear Sanakra Swamigal Samadhi, Near Soorasamhara Medai, Opp to Tiruchendur Murugan Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Jnaniar AdigalKulasekarapattinam Nadu Street, 14 Kms from Tiruchendur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Eral Arunachala SwamyEral is 5 Kms from Athur enroute Tiruchendur Tuticorin,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Yogeeswarar (Ramakrishna Swamigal)Pinnavasal Village, Near Lalgudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 VyakrapatharThirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Shrine, Opp to Vishalakshi Shrine, Near Samayapuram, ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 PatanjaliNear Thirupattur Brahmapureeswarar Shrine, Kasi Viswanathar Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivaprakasa SwamyThiruvellarai Village, Near Siva Temple, Enroute Trichy Turaiyur Road is Tiruvellarai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Makkan SwamigalNear Trichy Bus Stand, Enroute Anna Salai to Sudukadi, Left side of the Bridge,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Alagamai (Mother of Ramana Maharishi)Ramanasramam , Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 MuruganarRamanasramam , Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadhu Om SwamigalRoad opp to Ramashramam and adjacent to Manakula Vinayagar Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Adimudi Siddhar (Arumuga Swamigal)Giri Valam enroute , Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Virupakshi ThevarVibhuthi Lingam ie Virupaksha Cave, Atop Ramasramam, Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 IdaikadarAdiannamalai Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ammani AmmalGiri Valam enroute , Opposite to Isanya Lingam, Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Alagananda SwamigalPavalakundru Madalayam, Durgai Amman Temple near Bus Stand, Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Yogi Ramsurat KumarOpp to Ramashram, Adjacent road to Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sababathi SwamyMettupalayam. 2 Kms from Kalasapakkam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Parvatha SwamyVilvarani Village, 2 Kms from Poondi (Poondi is 5 Kms from Kalasapakkam),Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Arulyogananda SwamyR. Kunnathur, Near Railway Gate, Near Murugan Temple, 3 Kms from Polur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Palani SwamigalPillayar Koil, Sandaimedu, Avalurpettai i.e 20Kms from Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Irai SwamigalPillayar Koil, Sandaimedu, Avalurpettai i.e 20Kms from Tiruvannamalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kalparadesi SwamigalPeria Sevalai which is in Tirukovilur to Madapattur Road, Near Tirukovilur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Narayana Desika SiddharMedaimalai Murugan Temple Base, Narayana Desika Madam, Thiruvannamalai - Mangalam - Kanilapadi, Kanilapadi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadguru SwamigalMedaimalai Murugan Temple Base, Narayana Desika Madam, Thiruvannamalai - Mangalam - Kanilapadi, Kanilapadi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Gurumahan Arumuga SwamyKottupakkam. Vandavasi - Kozhumbur Koot Road, 2 Kms from Kozhumbur Koot Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kottangachi SiddharOpp to Adiannamalai Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kayiru Swamy (Pattanathu Swamy)Opp to Adiannamalai Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thavasi ThambiramEttayapuram Palace,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subbu SwamyNear Chnkundar Middle School, Naduvirapatti, Ettayapuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 MounaguruswamyPithappuram Road, Naduvirpatti, Ettayapuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Esaimethai Nallapa SwamyBehind MLA Office, Vlathikulam, 18 Kms from Ettayapuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Narasinga SwamySalavanpettai. Narasinga Madam Road, Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Putru Swamy (Grama Yogeeswarar)Near Cantonment Railway Station, Angalapareswari Putru Temple, Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subbaiah SwamyBehind New Bus stand, West Palar Banks, Near Muthu Mandapam, Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivaji SwamySubbiah Swamy Madam, Behind New Bus stand, West Palar Banks, Near Muthu Mandapam, Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Amirthalinga Swamy (Punnaku Swamy)Nallanpatarai, Opp to Rangoon Ramaswamy Mudaliar Marriage Hall, Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Koni Swamigal (Sivananda Mounaguru Swamigal)Thiruvallam , Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kuppuswamy Desikar & his 2 disciplesThiruvirinjipuram , Vellore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mathru Sri Durga Prasad SwamyKosapalayam. Behind Subramanya Sastri Street Kothanda Ramar Temple, Arani,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 AchudanandarVallam Village, Near Kannamangalam 15 Kms from Arani,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Devagiri SiddharOnnupuram. 10 Kms in Arani Vellore Swamigal,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Milagai SiddharMayiladumparai hill base, Enroute Katpadi Gudiyatham,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Devanandar SwamyMahadeva Malai Base, Enroute Katpadi Gudiyatham,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 MalayammaMahadeva Malai Base, Enroute Katpadi Gudiyatham,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Nagamani SiddharPoongadu Village, Palar River Banks, Enroute Arcot Pudupadi. 6 kms from Arcot,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Gangaram SwamyThoppucana, Opp to Arcot Nagar Police Station, Arcot,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Maunaguru SwamyArcot. Dharma Raja Kovil Street,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 SivalingeswararSomalapuram Raod, Kaspa A area, 3 Kms from Ambur Railway Station,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Arumuga SiddharBehind Wallajahpet Bus Stand, 40 Kms from Kancheepuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subramanya SwamyKodaikal Village, Wallajapet Sholingur Road is Kodaikal Junction. 1 Km from Kodaikal Junction,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kumaradevar SwamyEnd of Bridge entering Ranipet from Arcot, Ranipet,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Balayogi Ramdas SwamyMelaimangalam, Melaimangalam is 3 Kms from Perangiyur which is enroute Villipuram to Trichy,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Manicka Swamy (Chatti Samiyar)Enathimangalam, 5Kms from Melaimangalam. 5 Kms from Thiruvennainallur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Swarupananda SwamyVallavanoor. Swarupananda Madam, Near Ayyapan Temple, 13 Kms from Villupuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthiah SwamyVallavanoor. Vanni Madam Street, 1 Kms from Swarupananda Madam. 13 Kms from Villupuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subramanya DesigarBelow Siva Lingam, Thiruvathigai Veerateswarar Temple SouthWest Corner. 25 Kms from Banruti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivagnana ThambiranBelow Nandi, Thiruvathigai Veerateswarar Temple SouthWest Corner. 25 Kms from Banruti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kumarasamy ThambiranThiruvathigai Veerateswarar Temple North West Corner. 25 Kms from Banruti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kundala Paradesi SwamyBehind Kumaraysamy Thambiran Temple, Thiruvathigai Veerateswarar Temple North West Corner. 25 Kms from Banruti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Annamalai SwamyPanapakkam, Panapakkam is Banruti - Arasur Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Krishna Nayakkar SwamyPanapakkam, Panapakkam is Banruti - Arasur Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thangaraj SwamyPanapakkam, Panapakkam is Banruti - Arasur Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pandaikula SamiyarNellikuppam, Opp to Boologanathar Siva Temple. 15 kms from Banruti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kumaraguru ParameswararKumarapuram, Opp to Krishnaswamy College, Banruti to Kadalur Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Arul Nandi SivachariyarNear Thiruthazhur Siva Temple, 10 kms from Banruti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thatta SwamigalManimuthaa River bank south side, Virudhachalam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivapalani Swamigal Below Nandhi, Manimuthaa River bank south side, Virudhachalam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Nirvana Muthukumara SwamigalBelow Balipeetam, Manimuthaa River bank south side, Virudhachalam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sankaralinga SwamyBehind PWD Camp Office, Ulunthurpetai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 AppandanatharThirunarungunram Village, Near Ulunthurpetai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Solai Sivayoga SwamyPalayam, Near Thambipettai which is Enroute Kurichipadi - Kadalur, 1 km from Thambipettai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 VirupakkammalPalayam, Near Thambipettai which is Enroute Kurichipadi - Kadalur, 1 km from Thambipettai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sri Parabrahma Yoga Jnana SwamyArumuga Chetti Kulam, Enroute SriMushnam Virudhachalam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivanseyal SiddharNear Karaikudi Old Bus Stand, Near Police Beet, On the devakotai road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 KambarNattarasankottai, 7 kms from Sivagangai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Talaiyati Siddhar2 Kms from Perambalur New Busstand, Brahma Rishi Malaisaral, Moosakotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kumaraswamy SiddharBelow Panchavel Murugan Shrine, Pooranpalayam. 40 Kms from Coimbatore,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 ThayumanavarRamakrishan Mission Temple, Velipattinam Lakshmipuram, Ramanathapuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thanjakur ChellapaswamyEkkakudi Village, Ramanathapuram Uttarakosamangai Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thangavel SwamigalDeivachilai Nallur, 4 Kms from Uttarakosamangai Nallur, Below Vel Shrin,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pathanjali MaharishiBelow Natarajar Shrine, Rameshwaram Temple,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kanakasababathi SwamigalNorth of Virudhanagar - Madurai Road Petrol Bunk, 2nd Building, Virudhanagar,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sankarananda SwamigalV.Reddiapatti Village, Enroute Thirumangalam - Virudhanagar,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Dhakshinamoorthy SwamigalNear Nehru Grounds, Sokkalingapuram, Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Suppan JnaniarBehind Kamatchi Amman Temple, Sokkalingapuram, Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Athmanada RamaswamyNear Sivan Temple Tank West side, Sokkalingapuram, Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ponnambala SwamigalWest of Ayirangan Mariamman Temple, Pavadi Thoppu, Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Veerabhadra Swamy (Ayya Temple)Near Pavadi Thoppu, Enroute Arupukkotai Virudhanagar,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kadaparai Alagarswamy ThattaMettugundu, Enroute Arupukotai-Palavanatham-Irukangudi, Near Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thagaram Thatti Thatta & 8 other Samadhi'sMettugundu, Enroute Arupukotai-Palavanatham-Irukangudi, Near Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Puliooram SiddharPuliooram Village, 10 Kms from Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Reddy Swamigal (Vel Swamigal)Kattangudi, 15 Kms from Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 ArumugaswamyVadakku Natham Village, Below Murugan Shrine, Near Arupukotai & Pudur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivathaiyaah SwamigalThuttinattam Village, Near Paralachi, Enroute Arupukotai - Sayalgudi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Reddiapatti SwamigalReddiapatti, Near Nagalapuram. Arupukotai Vlathikulam Road, 30 kms from Arupukotai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Masilananda SwamyPerumalkoilpatti. 1 Km from Kodhangipatti Enroute Arupukotai Etayapuram is Kodhangipatti. ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthiah SwamyAlagapuri Village, Near Vembur. Enroute Arupukotai Etayapuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mavilipatti Sangu SwamyMavilipatti. 3 Kms from Vembur. Enroute Arupukotai Etayapuram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Singilipatti Sangu SwamyKalkumi. 15 Kms from Vlathikulam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kailasasundara SwamyKaikatti Temple, Near Anandha alli Amman Temple, Sivakasi Road end, Srivilliputhur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ponnayiram SwamyOoranipatti Street, Srivilliputhur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kazhimuthu SwamyS. Ramachandrapuram (Patti), Enroute Sriilliputhur Krishnan Koil. 15 Kms from Srivilliputhur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Guruswamy TempleAmbalapuzhi Bazar, Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivagami JnaniarOpp road from Guruswamy Temple, Ambalapuzhi Bazar, Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 ArumugaswamyNear Sivagami Jnaniar Temple, Ambalapuzhi Bazar, Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Ponnappa JnaniarOpp road from Guruswamy Temple, 1/2 Kms from Guruswamy Temple, Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Karuppa JnaniarPonnapa Jnaniar Temple, Opp road from Guruswamy Temple, 1/2 Kms from Guruswamy Temple, Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kumarandi SwamigalVivekanandar Road, North of PSK Park, Rajapalyam Thenkasi Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Arunachala Sembatti SwamigalSatthirapatti, 5 Kms from Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subramanya Vethanthi MuttSatthirapatti, 5 Kms from Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthananda SwamyBehind Kovilpatti Old Bus Stand,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Annamalai SwamyMuthananda Madam, Behind Kovilpatti Old Bus Stand,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Oothupatti Swamigal (Sadguru Sivasankara Pandia Swamy)Oothupatti, Enroute Koilpatti Gurumalai, 10Kms from Kovilpatti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Subramanya GuruVadapakkam Arumuga Nagar 1st Street, Near Kazhugumalai New Bus Stand, Kazhugumalai is Enroute Kovilpatti Gurumalai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pasuvanthanai Sangu SwamyPasuvanthanai. Keezha Ratha Veethi Murugan Temple, 24 Kms from Kovilpatti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Nandakadu Sangu SwamyPasuvanthanai. Keezha Ratha Veethi Murugan Temple, Separate Shrine. 24 Kms from Kovilpatti,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sankaranarayana SwamigalBelow Siva Lingam, Panayur, 4 kms from Karivalam Vantha Nallur which is enroute Sankarankoil Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Dhakshinamoorthy SwamigalBelow Murugan, Panayur, 4 kms from Karivalam Vantha Nallur which is enroute Sankarankoil Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sennikuzhalm Annamalai ReddiarSeenikuzhalam, 3 kms from Karivalam Vantha Nallur which is enroute Sankarankoil Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Madhavananda SwamigalNear Vellai Madam Pillayar Temple, Near Pambakkovil Santhai Railway Station, Vellai Madam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pothi SwamigalPanchamurthy Temple, Karivalam Vantha Nallur which is enroute Sankarankoil Rajapalayam,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Satguru Ganapathy SwamigalVaykalpalam Area, Near Government Transport Depot, within Murugan Cement Works Campus, Thenkasi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sivagami Paradesi AmmayarThirumalai Koil Base, Vandadum Pottal, Near Thenkasi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sankarananda SwamigalSankarasramam, Near Five Falls, Thenkasi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Chandra SwamigalNear Kadayanallur Anjaneya Temple, 15 Kms from Thenkasi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 ApparanantharLeft side of Murugan Artha madapam, Nettur which is 8 kms from Alangulam Enroute Tirunelveli Tenkasi,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vallanadu Chidambara SwamigalVallanadu, Enroute Tirunelveli-Vagaikulam-Tuticorin,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vedanayaga SwamyThirunelveli Junction, Near Madurai Road Aryas Hotel,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Pichu Swamy (Sundaraja Swamy)Vaikal near Thimmarajapuram Agraharam, Near Palayamkottai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Govindapuram Sangu SwamyGovindapuram. Near Naraikinaru. 20 Kms from Tirunelveli,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Senni Veeraiyan SwamyNear Sub Registrar Office. Near Kadayam Bus Stand. Below Veereswarar Swamy Sivalingam. 22 Kms from Ambasamudram,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Maunananda SwamigalKutralam Sengottai Road, Near Raja Rajeswari Temple,,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sri Sivadasanantha BharathiMaunanda Swamigal Madam, Kutralam Sengottai Road, Near Raja Rajeswari Temple,,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Muthukrishna SwamySootupondai Hill Base, Near Valliyur/ 13 kms from Nanguneri,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sayed Ali FatimaDarga. Thisaiyanvilai. River bed i.e 3 kms from Thisaiyanvilai,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Kasilinga SwamyAmaravizhai Village, Enroute NagarKoil Trivandrum Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Lakshmipuram Siddhar (Mauna Guru Swamy)Lakshmipuram, Near Vivekananda College Stop, NagerKovil,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Bairava SiddharPutru in Mandaikadu Bagavathi Temple. Mandaikadu is 25 Kms from Nagerkovil,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Bagavantha SwamyPudupalayam Bazar Road, Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Dayanantha SwamyNear Bagavantha Swamy, Below Murugan Shrine, Pudupalaym Bazar Road, Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadhu Shanmuga SwamyKammiapet, Opp to Parasakthi Temple, Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Vettaveli SiddharManjakuppam, Banks of Pennai River, Near Rajarajan Motor Bus Stand, Thirupatripuliyur, Near Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Santhanantha SwamyManjakuppam, Banks of Pennai River, Near Rajarajan Motor Bus Stand, Thirupatripuliyur, Near Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Mannatha SwamyNear Thiruvanthipuram Bus Stop, 6 Kms from Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Lada Mutharasu SwamyKepar Malai Base, 4 Kms from Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Thiruvambala ApparNear Tiruvahindipuram Devanatha Swamy Temple. 7 Kms from Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Azhuku SiddharNear Lada Mutharasu Swamy Temple, Kepar Malai Base, 4 Kms from Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Nondi Siddhar (Sivashanmuga Meijnana Desikar)Opp to Ambedkar Nagar, Vandipalayam, Kadalur,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Siddharmalai Perumal SwamyAlandur, 6 Kms from Karaikal. ,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Jayaganesa SiddharKumaraswamy Vinayagar Temple, Darmapuri,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 Sadguru Nayinar SwamyNaiyinar Samajam, Maruthuvazhmalai. 10 Kms in Suseendram Kaniyakumari Road,Tamil NaduJeeva samadhi
 syed sha hameed auliya badusha bijapuriKanchipuram Dargah, KanchipuramJeeva Samadhi
 Chidambara Natha ThambiranChakralingeshwarar Temple, Hanuman Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva Samadhi, Guru of Muthuswamy Dikshidhar
 Sant HaridasSant Haridas Samadhi Mandir, Nidhivan, Vrindavan, Mathura, Uttar PradeshGuru of Tansen, Jeeva Samadhi along with Baiju Bawra his disciple
 Thinthini Mauna Guru MaharajThinthini Mauna Guru Maharaj Mutt, cox town, Bangalore, KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi
 Odukathur SwamigalNo. 13, Gangadhara Chetty Road, Ulsoor, Bangalore, KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi
 Mouni MaharajMouni Maharaj Mutt, Patgaon, Kolhapur District, MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi (Guru of Chatrapathi Shivaji)
 Brahma Chaitanya Gondavale MaharajGondavale, (near Koregaon), Satara District, MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Padaraja TheerthaMulbagal (near Kolar - Bangalore), KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi - Guru of Vyasa raja Theerthar
 Trinethradhari SwamiBelow Nandi(in meditative pose) opposite to Umaiaatcheeswarar, Aatcheeswarar Temple, Achirupakkam, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Udasi MaharajShani Shignapur Shani Temple, Shani Shignapur, MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi with his 4 disciples
 Pagal BabaVrindavan, Mathura, Uttar PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 Charan Das MaharajCharkewalan Chowk, Chawri Bazaar (Off Chandni Chowk), New DelhiJeeva Samadhi
 Sahajo BaiSahajo Bai Mandir, Charkewalan Chowk, Chawri Bazaar (near to Chandni Chowk - Old Delhi), New DelhiJeeva Samadhi
 Sri VidyaranyaShankara Mutt, Sringeri, KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi
 Vidyaranya TirthaNirmal Hillock, Vasai area (off Mumbai), MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi, 5th Peedathipadhi after Adhi Shankaracharya, Also samadhi of Sri Padmanabha Tirtha 7th Peedathipathi
 Rishi SandipaniRishi Sandipani Ashram, Ishwarpuri (Vasai hills), Off Mumbai, MaharashtraJeeva SamadhiGuru of Krishna, Balarama and Sudama
 Totapuri MaharajAdvait Brahma Ashram (Totapuri Ashram), Puri, OrissaJeeva samadhi, Guru of Ramakrishna Paramhansa
 Bhama KhepaBhama Khepa Samadhi Mandir, Tarapith, West BengalJeeva Samadhi
 Ved VyasVed Vyas Samadhi Mandir, Vyas Kashi, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 TulsidasTulsidas Mandir, Tulsi Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 Sri BhaskaranandaNear to Durga Mandir, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva Samadhi
 Sant RavidasRavidas Samadhi Mandir, Raj Ghat, Varanasi, Uttar PradeshJeeva Samadhi (Guru of Meerabai)
 Krishnendra SwamiKrishnendra Swami Mutt, Hubli, KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi, Also believed to be Trailanga Swami of Varanasi
 GuruswamyGuruswami temple, Reddiapatti, Aruppukottai, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Siddharudha SwamiSiddharudha Swami mutt, Hubli, KarnatakaJeeva Samadhi
 Sant TukaramSant Tukaram Mandir, Dehu (near Pune), MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi
 BahinaBaiBahinaBai Samadhi Mandir, Dehu (Near to Pune), MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi
 Yogi VemanaKataarupalli, 12kms to Kadiri on Rayachoti Road, Anantpur District, Andhra PradeshJeeva Samadhi during 1650, One of the Greatest Saints of Andhra Pradesh
 LakshmammaAdoni Kurnool district andhra pradeshJeeva samadhi
 Sant Damaji PantMangalvedha(15 km from Pandharpur), MaharashtraJeeva Samadhi
 Sri Arul Sakthi Annai AalayamPillayar kuppam Gerugampakkam, Pondicherry ( Pondi-Cuddalore route)MahasamadhiChief desciple of Sri.Reddiapatti Swamigal)
 Sri Reddiapatti SwamigalReddiapatti, Pudur, Nagalapuram, Near Vilathikulam -- KovilpattiMahasamadhiWas deified by Sri Sadhuram Swamigal of Pongi matalayam, Nanganallur
 Sri Arul Sakthi Annai (Aalayam)Pillayar kuppam Kirumampakkam, Pondicherry ( Pondi-Cuddalore route)MahasamadhiChief desciple of Sri.Reddiapatti Swamigal)
 Siddhar BommarayarSathyamangalam forest (off bannari amman temple), Sathyamangalam, TamilnaduJeeva Samadhi
 Manoorappa swamigalNear Perur Pattieswaran temple, CoimbatoreThis saint came from kerala and attained jeeva samadhi in coimbatore
 Vellingiri SwamigalSivananda Paramahamsar madam, mullangadu, Vellingiri foothills, coimbatoreOne of the disciple of swami Sivananda paramahamsar
 Aaluku swamigalVetaikaran pudur, pollachi, Coimbatore(Dt)Jeeva samadhiGuru of salem appa paithiyam swamigal
 Odha SwamigalDindugalJeeva SamadhiInitiated ramana maharishi and showed route to thiruvannamalai
 Arutguru VETHATHIRI MAHARISHITemple of Consciousness, ALIYAR, Near Aliyar Dam, Pollachi TalukFounder Father Of World Community Service Centre, Great Philosopher, Guruji's Simplified Kayakalpa, Physical Exercise, Meditation are more effective and PowerfulMore than Thousand Members Celebrate World Yoga Day Celebration. More than Lakhs Members Get Good Physical Health, Will Power and Self Realization.
 muthukumara swamikalPoorandampalayam,Coimbatore Contact sathasivam @ 9842368212With the grace of siddhar kaanaa kadi,visa kadi cures
 Sargurunathar Setty swamigalMaranthai ,Tirunelveli dist,tirunelveli-tenkasi bi-pass97 years(1918),guru pooja Puratasa astham,birth place- karai kudiwaiting for renewal
 apparanantharnettur , alangulam, tirunelveli360 years,giving dharsan to some devotees
 Thirumazhisai alwarNear Sarangapani Temple, KumbakonamBorn over 4500 years back in Thirumazhisai.Followed samana then to Saivam.He was a great siddhar and demonstrated lot of miracles.When he visited Triplicane Parthasarathy temple, he could see a old man pulling water from a dried well by half length of rope with a bottomless vessel. He was surprised and became a follower of the old man who was Peyashwar a vaishnavite. Near Kanchi Azhwar,once gave young physic to an old disciple Kali kannan and the king was surprised and wanted to extend the same to himself.Alwar refused and the king started giving troubles to the alwar.Alwar went to the temple and asked the Arangan to vacate from the place with his Seshan and moved to a nearby place called Orrirukkai.King was surprised and admitted his mistake and requested the alwar to come back along with the god.Alwar returned back followed by the god.He did thavam in Srirangam,kumbakonam etc.Finally he was in yoga Nidra near Sarangapani temple Kumbakonam for over 700 years.Their devotees thought mistook his motionless state and constructed a samadhi.Then alwar rose and found the mistake done by the devotees. He informed all that I will continue and will return back to Vaikundam along with Kalki avatar.
 Nithyanand SwamiGaneshpuri, 2 hrs drive from Mumbai -Sri Bhimeshwar Satguru Nithyanand Sanstha, At Post - Ganeshpuri, Tal-BhiwandiDist. Thane, Pin - 401 206. Maharashtra. INDIA.Rakesh Yadav (Chief Manager & PRO) Tel. - +91 9167401134, 9167401133, 9823522126Email - rakeshsbsns@gmail.comHe is originally from Kerela. Was found as an infant by the house maid of Eshwar Iyer. Travelled from Kerela, via the western ghats, thru South Kanara, then settled at Ganeshpuri, MaharashtraAttained Maha Samadhi on 8 August 1961. Worship offered at Samadhi Mandir. Hot water springs adjoining Samadhi mandir and on the hills nearby have healing properties.
 Upasani Maharaj alias Sakuri babaSakoori Village, 5 kms from Shirdi, Maharashtra, IndiaKashinath Govindrao Upasni, (May 15, 1870 – December 24, 1941) Disciple of Shirdi Sai Baba,and Guru of Meher BabaAttained mahasamaadhi. His ashram is headed by Godavari Ma. In this ashram women perform all vedic rites that men do in other temples. The organization is headed and run by females.
 Perumizhalai Kurumba NayanarDheva Malai , Pudukottai22 th Nayanar
 subramaniya swamigalthanjavursamadhino idea
 Paper SamyJeeva samadhi location: Ilavarasa enthal zamin bungalow Kovilpatti(Tamil Nadu) Village Name: Ilavarasa enthal Bithplace: Ilanji near courtrallamNews about this saint came in the moondravathu kan serial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEWoUTjebjk
 Muthaiah Gnana Desika SwamigalNaraiyur Sadhu, Valavanur , Villupuram DistrictAttained samadhi before 500 yearsKumbhabhisekam happened just before few years
 Sri Vaithiyalinga SwamigalSaiBaba temple Near Taluk office DharapuramSwami attained jeeva samadhi on Thai Poosam in the year 1914
 karumarrapatti srilasrivellaiyandaswami galkarumarrapatti tiruvannamalaidetails in www.srilasrivellaiyandaswami.orgattained jeevasamadi
 Shik peer Mohammed durgah sherifPullivasal, Munnar. Maintained by Tata global beverages Ltd. All religious people assemble thereJeeva samadhi
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